Just Released

Bridge Image 1.jpg

OO-29 Plate Girder Bridge OO Gauge

Image 1.jpg

OO-31 Brick Arch Bridge OO Gauge

Bridge Image 8.jpg
Bridge Image 4.jpg
Image 10.jpg
Image 6.jpg
Bridge Image 3.jpg
Bridge Image 7.jpg
Image 8.jpg
Image 9.jpg
Each kit comes with a full set of Help Guides.
Why not try out our free kit before you buy.
Our "How to Pay" guides explain how to pay by PayPal or Visa Cards
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3dk.ca model railway downloadable structure & railroad building card kits. 3DK produces some of the finest and most detailed model railway card kits available on the market today. We produce a large number of kits in various scales and a range of styles from line side industries, low relief street scenes, stations, garages etc. We also produce a large range of detailing sheets of brick and stone walling, roofing, doors and windows.