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OO Gauge 

OO-26  Dairy/Creamery Building Card Kit £5.99

OO Gauge

OO-28 Brick Retaining Wall Building Card Kit £3.99

  • Rail linked industry was to be found all-round the British Isles producing products from metal castings and soap to cream and Butter. The kit is part of our grand factory complex where each kit is designed to complement every other building in the complex.


  • Dimentions are: Length 45cm (18") x Height 11 cm (4 1/2") x  Width 10cm (4"). Platform can be any length or width and chimney is 21cm (8")


  • Included in the kit are a choice of cream or weathered green wooden or brick roof gable ends as seen in the kit images.


The kit can be printed out numerous times, so from one purchase you can assemble many buildings.


  • ​Included with the kit are a number of alternative doors of different styles and colours, a variety of different styles of windows and a variety of company signage.


  • The kit is straight forward and easy to assemble and only requires the most basic of tools to complete.


  • Each kit comes with wonderfully detailed photographic instructions.

  • Many cities built their railways above street level on brick or stone retaining walls with arch supports. Many of these arches became home to a variety of industrial and retail businesses.

  • The kit includes 14 workshops to choose from with a variety of finishes.

  • Dimentions are: Length 72cm (28") x Height 13 cm (5")

  • The kit can be printed out numerous times, so from one purchase you can assemble any length of wall.

  • The card kit comes with detailed photographic instructions.​

  • Included with the kit are a number of period adverts and posters.

OO Gauge

OO-27 Arch Industrial Workshops Building Card Kit £2.99

Each kit comes with a full set of Help Guides.
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3dk.ca model railway downloadable structure & railroad building card kits. 3DK produces some of the finest and most detailed model railway card kits available on the market today. We produce a large number of kits in various scales and a range of styles from line side industries, low relief street scenes, stations, garages etc. We also produce a large range of detailing sheets of brick and stone walling, roofing, doors and windows.