Coming Soon

OO Gauge 4mm  Industrial Buildings

Release date of July 2020

I am working on bringing you a series of industrial buildings that can be customised in size and purpose. Each wall will be sectional so you can take the basic kit and make the building as large or as small as you require. The kits will be based on the Victorian style of British construction and will be brick based to begin with and stone styles later. 

I have included these images of the new industrial building designs being tested on my own layout at home to give you an idea of what the finished kit will look like.

Each kit comes with a full set of Help Guides.
Why not try out our free kit before you buy.
Our "How to Pay" guides explain how to pay by PayPal or Visa Cards
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  • Tumblr Social Icon model railway downloadable structure & railroad building card kits. 3DK produces some of the finest and most detailed model railway card kits available on the market today. We produce a large number of kits in various scales and a range of styles from line side industries, low relief street scenes, stations, garages etc. We also produce a large range of detailing sheets of brick and stone walling, roofing, doors and windows.