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  • 3DK produces some of the finest and most detailed model railway card kits available on the market today. We produce a large number of kits in various scales and a range of styles from line side industries, low relief street scenes, stations, garages etc. We also produce a large range of detailing sheets of brick and stone walling, roofing, doors and windows.

  • We produce model railway building card kits that are sold around the world. You simply buy from the website and they are instantly sent to your computer where you  print the kit out for yourself on your home printer, glue to 1 mm card and assemble using the detailed photographic instructions all within minutes of purchase.


  • Each kit comes with pages of help guides on which glue to use, which weight of card to use and which tools you will require, but always remember, that if you make a mistake then you can simply re-print the damaged part of the kit.


  • There are three distinct benefits to purchasing one of our PDF building kit downloads.

1.       The building kit or accessory can be downloaded from the website anywhere in the world.

2.       The model railroad building card kit is only a fraction of the cost of the pre-printed card kits.

3.       You can print the kit out as many times as you like thus increasing the number of buildings on your layout for very little financial outlay, as most kits come with a variety of company names and adverts.


·         We started up in business over ten years ago in Scotland producing model railway resin kits, patterns and molds under the name Highland Casings. A change of business and the acquisition of some high Tech computer equipment allowed us to start experimenting with computerised railway designs. We started producing a small range of model railway building card kits that we started selling in 2004. These original OO Gauge model railway card kits we printed out on card on an industrial laser colour printer and posted to the customer worldwide.


·         As some of our customers were in some very out of the way places, we decide to see if we could produce model railway structure kits that could be emailed to these remote customers so they could print the kit out for themselves on their home printers. Also, the added benefit was that they received the kit, no matter where they were in the world, almost instantly.


·          Customers around the world started asking if the kits could be downloaded from the website rather than being sent as card kits through the regular post.  An added bonus was that the model railroad structure kit was only a fraction of the cost of the pre-printed card kits and once received, the customer could print the kit out as many times as they liked, thus increasing the number of buildings on their layout for very little financial outlay.


·         We started producing mainly HO scale in the beginning but now produce an ever increasing range British OO  building structure kits. We now sell to dozens of countries worldwide and have a very large customer base.


·         The design process starts with photographing the building I am going to use to produce the final model kit. I try to photograph as many aspect of the building as I can, starting with the walls, door and windows. The inside requires to be photographed as well but as most interiors are quite modern I have a large number of interior photographs taken from heritage villages and railway museums. The roofs can sometimes be tricky to photograph but again I have a stock of photographs of slate, tile, iron roofing etc.


·         Once I have amassed a sufficient number of photographs I can start to design the kit. I start with taking measurements of the building and then transfer these to the computer where I produce a rough working design which I then print out and build up to get an overall idea of how the kit is going to look and make any adjustments required. Once I am happy with the rough design, I can then get down to the final stages of taking the original photographs, and using some very nice computer digital software, turn the images into a final design that when built up will produce a 3D photographic image of the original building.


·          What does the future hold for us? We are keen to expand the OO Gauge model railway card kit range of building kits and also across the various scales and gauges and also provide more detailing sheets of walls doors windows etc. so that modellers who prefer to scratch build can utilise these sheets to speed up the general construction process and give their buildings a more realistic and natural look. We are also keen to explore the exciting idea of producing buildings for war gamers where we can let our imaginations go wild.  We had been asked a while back to think about producing a small range and we have been doing some research into producing them in the near future. 

Feedback from the customer is vital for me to keep on producing the products that you, the customer wants. It you have any suggestion or any feedback, then please get in touch and share your ideas.

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