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D4vd - Romantic Homicide (Official Music Video)

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Previously a viral #1 on Spotify, d4vd has built a fan base using Fortnite and TikTok to share his music. He's partial to the music-production app BandLab, which he uses to create remixes of his own songs and recreations of other tracks.

Without the process of perpetually developing and evolving, d4vd would've never found himself. The Houston native spent early days making music in his sister's wardrobe finding out both what he liked and what he didn't. Planting the seedlings of what was to come, he began with a piano track 'Run Away', and soon after, creating drill music. While d4vd still doesn't believe he has found his sound, he's insistent on never ruling anything out when it comes to his music. On giving aspiring musicians advice, he shares: "You really just have to try everything and just let the instrumentals... just let the ideas speak to you. Don't form it to a specific lane... just try everything."

He assigns characters to each of his songs both visually and sonically, and perceives music as a safety blanket for experiences he will endure in the future. With heart-wrenching songs like 'Romantic Homicide' and 'Here With Me' in his catalogue, d4vd is not unfamiliar with preparing for the hard parts of life - he explains: "I've never been through a heartbreak before so most of these heartbreak songs I'm writing are in preparation. I overthink a lot so I write most of these as like, 'This is going to happen soon so why not just express it now'"

COUP DE MAIN: I'm super interested in the way you got started with teasing music in Fortnite montages How did they gain traction from that Were your viewers asking, "What is this song" And you were like, "It's mine!" D4VD: I just put it at the end of the video, like there was this black screen and I was like, "I made this song, happy face emoji, link in description." It was nine months ago - November 2021. I didn't put my song in a montage until January though because I was trying to hone in on my sound, I went through a lot of trial and error those first two months in November and December. I made 'Run Away' which was a slower kind of piano indie track, and then after that, I started doing drill music - I devolved and evolved in the span of a couple months. And then I found myself.

CDM: You once said that every song to you is a different character - do you see these characters more visually or sonically D4VD: Both actually! I see it as different people singing those songs, different people making the music videos - just separating myself in the songs as if it was a different artist. I told my mum a couple of months ago, when I was just listening to my music by myself before I would put it out, I will listen to it as if I didn't even make it. So I can grasp a new perspective and a new way of thinking whenever I would go to make another one.

With limited access to a studio, let alone professional music equipment, d4vd began creating music by linking up with producers online and then recording his vocals over the production with just his iPhone. 59ce067264


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