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This is how the rings will fit perfectly when you PROPOSE

If you're thinking of proposing to your partner, you have a lot to consider: flowers are an option and a romantic spot is a good idea. The engagement ring is important to most people. While all other preparations for the proposal can be done secretly without any major problems but buying a perfect engagement ring is a bit more difficult.

If the proposal is destroyed due to the inability to put the ring in place because it's too tight or loose, the mood can be slowed. You could make the situation fun by using humor. But, a lot of people want to have the ring fit right away. There are a myriad of ways to find the perfect engagement ring size without revealing it. This will allow you to remember your proposal that you made.

Finding the perfect engagement size ring

In order to find the appropriate size engagement ring, first determine the inner diameter, or circumference of the ring. The ring size corresponds directly to the circumference inside in millimeters. The diameter is enough to read the circumference of a ring size chart or to determine it by multiplying the diameter by 3.14 (Phi) to give the circumference.

For instance an ring with a diameter of 15.9 mm would result in a ring size of 50:

15.9 * 3.14 = 50.926 mm

What are the possibilities for determining the exact size of an engagement ring?

There are various tools for measuring the finger's length:

* Ring template made from cardboard, plastic or paper

* Ring measuring tape made of plastic or paper

* Ring measuring set made up of different rings

* String or ribbon, and ruler

* Vernier caliper

The majority of methods require the person in question to be present. The secret determination of the size of the engagement ring must be made while the person is asleep.

The ring that is intended for engagement will likely be placed on the fiance's fingers every day following the proposal. It is crucial to choose the right size so that it does not press, slip or get lost in the daily routine. We will outline the options for secretly determining the engagement ring size below. You can measure the ring size directly on the finger of your upcoming spouse or on another ring. The most accurate method of measuring is to measure a suitable band using the aid of a caliper. Ring templates are the most commonly used method to measure on the fingers.

This is how you determine the size of the engagement ring the finger

It is essential to use the right finger to take the measurements. It is typically the ring finger, but even with the same finger, the circumference can vary between one hand and the other. Read "Engagement Ring: Which Hand is the Perfect One?" to find out which hand will work best. It is essential to measure the finger where the engagement ring is to be worn. Fingers expand and contract depending on the temperature and time of day. Fingers with good circulation will be larger than fingers with poor circulation. Therefore, it is best to measure at night and at the temperature of room.

To measure your finger's size for measurement, you can use the ring measuring tape, using a ring template, or the thread method. These methods can be helpful when there isn't a way to wear a ring with out being visible. When your partner is asleep, you can employ the thread method to measure rings, or the ring templates. You can take a measurement of the loop you have marked on the thread after you have opened the loop. You can also place the ring-sizing templates over the finger of a person who is asleep. You can read directly the size of the ring.

Only people who sleep deeply can benefit from the ring's reading.

How can I determine the size of an engagement band using another Ring to measure it?

If someone you love is already wearing rings that fit well on the right finger You just need to take it off for a few seconds without looking. Rings should be removed before showering, performing sports, sleeping or doing chores. You can determine the size using the following methods:

* Use a ruler or caliper for measuring the inner diameter.

* You can use the circle as a template, and trace its outline (inside and out) multiple times to determine its inner diameter.

* Press the ring against a piece clay or soap and then measure the impression.

This means you've managed to get an exact measurement. Be sure that the ring you choose to wear is approximately the same size as your engagement ring.

Estimating the engagement ring size

If you're planning to make the proposal in private You can estimate the size of your ring or apply a few tricks. To estimate, a man could, for instance, take a measurement of his finger and use that to determine the woman's ring finger if they both have similar body kinds. Women who wish to purchase an engagement ring for a partner can try the rings on their middle finger.

The size of the engagement ring is a natural error. If you're in doubt it is recommended to pick an engagement ring that is a little larger to ensure it can be worn on the finger. The right engagement ring size also depends on the model you choose: wide rings should be picked slightly larger, whereas narrow rings work better in a smaller size. Engagement rings that are typically set with gemstones are a bit narrow and can therefore be chosen without a surcharge for the ring size.

The top class measurement of engagement ring size without a finger or ring

You'll need to think outside the box if you can't measure the ring using your finger or the ring. You can seek help from others or find gloves. If you find a pair of worn fingers with no stretch material that aren't too thick, such as leather gloves, they will at least provide an idea of the size range the engagement ring could be.

What is the most common ring size for males and females?

Common ring sizes will aid in determining the size of your partner's ring you figured out is correct. If the determined size for your loved one is between 48 and 54, you've probably done everything correctly as this size accounts for approximately 80percent of women's rings sold. Women who are petite can wear a ring size 48, the majority of women require ring size 54.

Most women and men who are bulky wear sizes between 57 and 63.

What should I do if the ring that I am wearing does not fit?

If even with all the care you make a mistake when determining the engagement ring size, it's not a big problem. Rings with no engravings can be exchanged as long as the ring in question is available in the appropriate size. If this is not feasible it is possible to alter the size of the ring. Find out more about changing ring size here. Of course, you can also use a temporary ring for the marriage proposal before deciding and trying on the right engagement ring.

Find the ideal engagement ring for your new life with happiness!


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