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Joseph Carter

Adult Game Christies Room Cheater Walkthrough

Carol Croydon endured a traumatic childhood marked by abuse and neglect. She married Philip Croydon, a wealthy and successful upholsterer who lavished her with expensive gifts and a luxurious lifestyle. However, their marriage lacked love and affection, and both of them sought comfort in the arms of other lovers. In a twisted plot to get rid of her husband and inherit his fortune, Carol lured Philip to a hotel room in April 2003, pretending to have a romantic surprise for him. There, she brutally stabbed him twenty-two times with a cheese knife she had brought with her. She then tried to cover up her crime by claiming that Philip was killed by a group of swingers who had invited them to join a sex game that went horribly wrong. Her lies were exposed by the police and she was convicted of murder. She received a sentence of fifteen years to life in prison.

Adult Game Christies Room Cheater Walkthrough



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