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[S5E2] The System

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[S5E2] The System

Dr. Butler: A hallmark of the social work profession has been and continues to be helping marginalized, vulnerable populations and working to change systems to better meet their needs. Throughout the country, clinical social workers provide about 60 percent of the mental health services people receive.

In addition to individual change, we address large system change. Sometimes that means policy change, working on community initiatives. Things like increasing broadband or transportation, very important in rural areas, or the minimum wage.

Some arrive through law enforcement. Some arrive through the school system. Trying to understand those pathways to then design ways to intervene to identify these folks earlier and getting them connected with treatment.

Yes, everything that happened in Judge Wackner's courtroom was ludicrous, from the point system and good sportsmanship handshakes to completely ignoring some rules of law, but the fake judge's motivations behind creating such a court were interesting.

The justice system perpetuates institutionalized racism and classism and fails to target the root cause of crime, such as mental illness, drug addiction, and collective community, intergenerational trauma.

It's a system that definitely suits the working class and poor. The play on the NA-TM was cute, and it seemed to go well for a while. People could use the money from their prescriptions to address other needs, like buying groceries.

As much as you don't want to side with the board on this one, its points were valid. No, not everyone in need who gets money will abuse the system. However, there really isn't any way to account for if everyone uses the money as they should, if it will help, or anything else. 59ce067264


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