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  • The kit has all the flavour of the typical small foundrys found all over the British Isles producing a large number of products for local industry.


  • Dimentions are: Length 20 cm  x Depth 19 cm x  Height 19 cm (To top of chimney)


  • The kit comes with a variety of business names for the outside of the building.
  • The kit can be printed out numerous times, so from one purchase you can build many kits.


  • Included with the kit are a number of company names, adverts, posters and signs.


  • The kit is straight forward and easy to assemble and only requires the most basic of tools to complete.


  • Each kit comes with wonderfully detailed photographic instructions.


  • Also, included with the kit are British Railways regional station signs to use on your layout.


SKU: OO-23
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