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C Amp;c Generals Zero Hour Skirmish Maps TOP

Both the Soviets and the Allied campaigns are included alongside a number of skirmish maps. However, each mission only ever has one option to chose from, reducing the number of campaign maps to 28 in total. This PlayStation port was later re-released on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable.

C amp;c Generals Zero Hour Skirmish Maps

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His progress stymied, Smith contemplated the rebel fortifications. Cold Harbor had taught him a brutal lesson in the killing power of well-sited entrenchments, and the situation here gave him cause for reflection. For two hours, Smith methodically reconnoitered the fortifications, noting that while the Confederate artillery appeared formidable, the entrenchments were thinly manned. A densely packed body of assaulting troops would take severe casualties, but troops loosely arrayed stood a fair chance of success, as artillery would pass harmlessly through their formation. So Smith decided to open with a heavy bombardment to suppress rebel fire, then attack with a double line of widely-spaced skirmishers. Once the skirmishers had overrun the works, the remaining troops were to follow and consolidate the gains. 350c69d7ab


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