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[S4E4] Early Bird Special


The scene changes to Adrien running into the changing room, and once they're hidden in there, Plagg appears and yells at Adrien that he's lost his mind, scolding him for going out early to swim, however he is quickly silenced when Adrien opens his pool bag, which is filled entirely with cheese. Plagg takes his outburst back and digs in, and Adrien swiftly changes and leaves the room. Then, Adrien is seen to stand on a high diving board, and the camera pans to Bob Roth, with, Mr. Ramier standing behind him. Bob Roth is excitedly explaining his plan (which involves Adrien being surrounded by doves when he jumps) for the ad to Gabriel Agreste, who is watching from his tablet, which is propped up in a pool chair.Gabriel Agreste points out that Mr. Ramier's birds are not doves, but pigeons, and Bob Roth flips the tablet over, assuring him that they're doves. Mr. Ramier attempts to protest, but Bob Roth silences him, revealing that he has a deal with Mr. Ramier; if the shooting goes well, he will convince the mayor to make a pigeon sanctuary. They shoot the ad, but Gabriel Agreste is unsatisfied, and asks it to be reshot because something is missing. 59ce067264


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