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OO-2G Small Weighbridge File Download

Simply double click on the black buttons above to open the files and save to your computer

You can either print direct from the open file or save it to a file on your computer and print it from there. kits are created as a PDF (Portable Document Format). To open the PDF files you must have a suitable PDF program software installed on your computer.


The portable document format (PDF) is a form of file that allows for the creation of electronic documents using any type of word processor or print media software.

This software is a free and easy to download. My favorite and most dependable is also you can use:


If using an Apple mac then open the files using Adobe Reader, ver. 9.4

If you encounter any problems opening the files then try another PDF software program and that should solve the problem. 

If you are still having problems then please email me at: or call me at: (001) 5198039054

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